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What are the famous places to visit in Nainital..

1. Naini Lake: A popular hub for tourist activity during the summer months, Naini Lake offers a vastly different yet stunning sight during the winter months. As the temperature starts dropping below zero, the lake freezes over, offering a postcard-like winter scene.

2. Naini Peak: Trekking to Naini Peak is one of the most popular activities in Nainital during winters. Once at the hilltop, trekkers are met with the stunning panoramic sights of the surrounding snow-clad peaks.

3. Eco Cave Gardens: A fascinating natural retreat in the heart of the mountains, the Eco Cave Gardens offers seven natural caves that can be explored through a narrow winding path. The hanging gardens here add the charm of the attraction.

4. Snow View Point: Nainital’s oldest viewpoint, the snow viewpoint can be reached on foot as well as via a ropeway cable. Best enjoyed during the snow-clad winter months, the Snow-View Point offers a stunning view of the surrounding mountains.

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