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Nature Trail and Bird Watching at Bhalu Gaad Waterfalls Near Wild Roots Camp Padampuri Nainital

Bhalugaad Waterfall Near Wild Roots Camp
Wild roots camp Padampuri Nainital

Bhalugaad Waterfall Near Wild Roots Camp

BahluGaad WaterFall


Nature trail and bird watching at Bhalu Gaad Waterfalls. Ideal for day treks, Bhalu Gaad is a hidden treasure near Mukteshwar and just 8 km from Wildroots Camp Padampuri Bhimtal, Nainital. There is a rainbow seen at the bottom of Bhalu Gaad waterfall, so the locals call it the rainbow waterfall. Quaint atmosphere and chilled water one of the best waterfalls in the Nainital area. Bhalu Gaad waterfall is a beautiful waterfall with crystal clean water 14 km downhill from Mukteshwar after that there is a trek of 30-45 Minutes into the forest to reach. Come prepared with an extra pair of clothes so that you can have fun. Bhalu means Bear and Gaad means Stream in Kumaoni language. It’s named such because of sightings of Bears (Bhalu) in the area.

      A Beautiful

Waterfall with Big  Pond near Padampuri Bhimtal



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