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Hanuman Garhi Nainital

Hanuman Garhi Nainital

Around 3 km from Nainital, at an elevation of 1950 m, stand the Hanuman Garhi, a famous temple devoted to Lord Hanuman. Built-in 1950 by the Neem Karoli Baba, Hanuman Garhi is located on the south side of Tallital. Inside the temple, one can see an idol of Lord Hanuman portrayed as splitting his chest and showing that Lord Ram is residing in his heart. Best time to visit Hanuman Garhi is during evening hours when the sun starts gliding below the horizons, leaving behind hues of orange, which makes the sky look picturesque. Seeing the beautiful view of sunset further reinstate faith in God, Hanuman Garhi is the first rendezvous with nature. The temple attracts a huge crowd on Saturday and Tuesday.

Within proximity to the temple are two other prominent attractions, Shitala Devi Temple and Ashram of Lila Sah Bapu. Hanuman Garhi is approximately 3.5 km away from South Tallital Bus Stand and can be reached by car or taxi.


4 kilometers away from Nainital, en route Haldwani

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