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Delhi to Nainital

Distance between Delhi to Nainital by Road is 315 kms

1. Delhi – Nainital through Rampur Road

This route takes you from Delhi to Ghaziabad leading to Hapur, then Garh Mukteshwar, Gajraula, and Then you should drive to Rampur towards Haldwani and Kathgodam finally reaching Nainital. The journey to Moradabad can be really good and swift, but after you cross this town, you’ll encounter lots of rush and crowd. This can impact your total time behind the wheels.

2. Delhi — Nainital through Kaladhungi Road

When you take this route, you’ll be traversing from Delhi to Ghaziabad, then Hapur towards Garmukteshwar heading to Gajraula, then Moradabad heading to Tanda, then Bazpur and Kaladungi — finally reaching Nainital. As compared to the former route, this way is a lot better. Since it is somewhat isolated, it gives you the privilege of breath-taking views along your drive and avoiding traffic congestion too. And since the condition of the road is great, you may even reach before the estimated time.

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